OpenStack allows you to customize your image properties after uploading. You can change defaults for disk and network drivers, boot firmware, config drive, etc. Our defaults should work in most cases, but we will list recommendations below for different setups. You can manipulate image properties in the Cloud Control Panel (My images > Update image > Properties).

Windows ISOs - No Virtio Drivers

We recommend customizing your Windows ISO with Virtio drivers prior to install. However, Windows will run with less performance using the following image properties:

  • hw_disk_bus = ide
  • hw_vif_model = e1000


If your ISO requires UEFI to boot, add the property key hw_firmware_type and set it to uefi.


FreeBSD does not always launch properly on our AMD host nodes. Please contact us to have your instance moved to an Intel node if your FreeBSD ISO does not boot as expected.

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