RamNode LLC - Terms of Service

By using RamNode’s ("RamNode", "our", "us" or "we") products and services, you ("you", "your", "Client" or "Customer") agree to comply with our policies. RamNode reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or terminate any service provided with or without a refund or notice or warning for any reason. RamNode also reserves the right to change and modify the Terms of Service at any time with or without client notification. It is up to the client to periodically check and familiarize himself or herself with the recent Terms of Service. If any client does not comply with the new Terms of Service modifications, his or her service will be terminated.

Acceptable Use Policy

By ordering our services, you agree to adhere to our Acceptable Use Policy. Failure to do so will result in suspension and possibly termination. Your account may also be reported to FraudRecord.


RamNode servers are unmanaged. RamNode servers are designed for web hosts, advanced Linux administrators, and experienced webmasters. In order to successfully manage our servers, the client should be familiar with Linux operating systems, tools, and services. RamNode provides basic tools needed to configure and maintain the client’s server. RamNode provides knowledgebase articles covering various topics which may offer insight into common questions regarding our servers. RamNode also provides remote console access to our servers which gives the client a way to access his or her server even with a broken SSH configuration.

The client is responsible for managing his or her server. RamNode staff is available for general support covering the areas below. RamNode also works around the clock to ensure that our hardware and network is and up running as expected.

You may contact RamNode for support regarding the following issues:

  • Network access. Please check our @NodeStatus Twitter page or our @RamNode page before submitting a ticket.
  • Server hardware. Please check our @NodeStatus Twitter page or our @RamNode page before submitting a ticket.
  • SolusVM VPS control panel. If you experience problems with any SolusVM functionality, please open a ticket.
  • OS templates and ISOs. If you notice any bugs with our OS templates or ISOs, please open a support ticket.

This list may not be exhaustive, but it represents the general idea of our unmanaged hosting. Anything that we do not install and configure for the client is the client’s responsibility and is not covered by our support. We will not install or configure additional packages on a server that are not present in our default OS templates.

Please note that multiple replies to tickets will not ensure that you receive a faster response. We generally process tickets in the order in which they are received. We only offer support in English and require that it be used to communicate with our staff. We do not tolerate profanity or abusive language in any form of contact with us including, but not limited to, emails, our ticket system, our IRC channel, or our community forum. Such behavior will result in a warning, followed by suspension and/or termination if the warning is not heeded.

Service Payment, Refunds and Cancellation Guidelines

All payment invoices are generated 10 days before payment is due. Failure to pay by the due date will result in suspended and, ultimately, terminated service. Late payments are subject to a 15% late fee. RamNode reserves the right to terminate your service at any point after your invoice is overdue, and will not be responsible for any data loss due to termination.

RamNode offers a three day refund period for your first payment on your first server with us. Bitcoin payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. cPanel and CloudLinux licenses are not eligible for refunds. Refunds must be requested via support ticket in the Client Area after a cancellation request has been submitted.

If the client creates a subscription to pay for his or her service(s) with RamNode, the client is responsible for canceling that subscription when he or she no longer wants service with RamNode. RamNode will not be responsible for handling or refunding any transactions that take place after the client has cancelled his or her service with RamNode in the event that the client fails to cancel the related subscription.

Payment Chargebacks and Billing Disputes

Raising a billing dispute with our payment processors or charging back a payment made to RamNode will place the client’s account in bad standing. We reserve the right to immediately terminate all services without refund in such instances.

Other Disputes

Any threat of legal action against RamNode by a client will result in immediate account and service termination without refund.


All orders placed through our billing portal are passed through an automatic fraud check system. Although our servers are typically set up instantly upon receipt of payment, we manually review each fraud score before accepting the order. If our fraud check system scores your order as dangerous, we may require submission of a government issued ID to allow continued use of our services. Failure to comply in a timely manner may result in suspension and/or termination without refund.

Ordering from a VPN or proxy will likely cause your order to be flagged as potential fraud, requiring additional verification in order to use our services. Please order without a VPN if at all possible.

We require your real first and last name, as well as accurate information in all other fields, upon placing an order. If you provide false information when placing an order, your service may be suspended and/or terminated without notice upon manual review.

Each client may have only one account with RamNode. Permission to create additional accounts must be requested via ticket prior to ordering. All related accounts may be suspended and/or terminated if permission has not been requested before creating more than one.

RamNode utilizes FraudRecord to screen new orders for previous fraudulent activity and to report existing clients who violate our Terms of Service and/or Acceptable Use Policy. In case of a violation, you may be reported to FraudRecord for misbehavior using one-way hashed information.

DDoS Protection

We provide DDoS filtering in each location for clients who order filtered IPs. The filtering system is explained in our FAQ. Please give us up to 24 hours to process filtered IP orders. Our DDoS filtering is shared among all clients with filtered IPs, so a single client may not receive filtering for the entire capacity per location. We do not offer any guarantees attached to the filtering system.


RamNode does not take backups of client server data. RamNode recommends that clients backup their server data to their personal computers or remote storage servers. Clients are responsible for their own data. RamNode shall by no means be responsible for data loss.

Last updated: March 13, 2017