OpenStack API - Common Questions

OpenStack API access is available through the API Users tab in the Cloud Control Panel. The API can be used for a variety of server management tasks.

Get started by reviewing our OpenStack SDK Tutorial here.

OpenStack's official API documentation can be found here.

We will add some common API-related issues/questions to this page.

Common Issues:

What is the API URL?

  • Once you create an API User, you will see a link to download the openrc file. That file contains the relevant URL on the OS_AUTH_URL line.

Security Groups

  • You need to specify a security group when launching an instance from API, otherwise it will not have connectivity. The default security group is named "firewall", so the parameter would look like:
    --security-group firewall

SSH Keys

  • API users have a separate keystore from your Cloud Control Panel user. Add your SSH keys via API in order to access them with your API user.


  • You can monitor instance metrics via API with:
    • openstack metric resource show [instance-uuid]
  • You can view metrics data for each value under the metrics field with:
    • openstack metric measures show [metrics-value-uuid]
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