SolusVM (legacy) only - does NOT apply to cloud instances.

Each SolusVM VPS comes with a /64 subnet for IPv6 with one IPv6 address on the VPS by default. Your IPv6 information is listed in the SolusVM CP. These /64s are part of larger /48s per location.

To view your IPv6 subnet:

  • Find your VPS in the SolusVM CP.
  • Click Manage next to it.
  • Click the Network tab.
  • Click the subnet link.

From there you can review your subnet gateway and add more IPv6 addresses.

New IPv6 addresses should work instantly on OpenVZ. If not, try the Reconfigure option.

KVM will require you to either manually edit the network settings within your VPS or use the Reconfigure option in order to use the new IPs. You will also need to set the netmask to 48 and your gateway and default route to the gateway IP listed in SolusVM.

Need help adding IPs?

If you receive the error message "Invalid Entry" when adding IPv6 addresses, your IPv6 syntax is wrong. Use this IPv6 calculator to determine what IPs you can add:

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