How to Create a Private Network

Our OpenStack Cloud allows you to create your own Private Networks. You can use private IPs for traffic between instances in the same region. Private traffic does not go over the internet and does not count against your bandwidth allocation.

Create a Private Network

To create a private network:

  1. Log into the Cloud Control Panel, open the Networks tab, and click Create at the bottom right.
  2. Give your network a name.
  3. Select the region and click Next.
  4. Give your subnet a name.
  5. Enter a private network address in CIDR format (e.g.,
  6. Unless you know you need one, leave Gateway IP as "Do not set gateway IP". This prevents default route conflicts with DHCP. Click Next.
  7. Leave DHCP enabled if you want IPs from your subnet to be assigned to your new instances automatically.
  8. Enter the range of IPs you want to use in this subnet (e.g., - and click Create.

The new subnet will now be available when you launch a new instance in the same region. If you use our pre-built KVM Cloud images, new instances should have both their public and private IPs set up automatically at creation.

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