Can I create backups / snapshots?

Cloud: Yes, you can create snapshots and backups from the Cloud Control Panel. You can restore instances or launch new ones with your snapshots. Snapshots can be used to launch instances of equal or greater disk space than the one you took a snapshot of. In other words, a snapshot of a 60GB instance can be used to launch an 80GB instance, but a snapshot of an 80GB instance will not work to launch a 60GB instance.

Please note that the image storage pricing on our website applies to snapshots and backups. Also, note this article regarding online snapshots.

SolusVM (Legacy): We can enable SolusVM Quick Backups for your OpenVZ VPS. Please request this feature through a support ticket. You can use this feature to create a gzip of your entire VPS. It will be stored in /panelbackup on your VPS once it finishes.

To use this feature, log into the SolusVM CP, click the Quick Backup tab, and click Create.

You can use the gzip to restore specific files yourself, or you can open a support ticket to have us restore the entire VPS.

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