How does hourly billing work for cloud hosting?

Updated July 14, 2020

How Does It Work?

Billing is flexible with our cloud hosting system. To get started, add at least $3 in Cloud Credit through the Client Area here.

Cloud credit will be deducted based on the hourly cost of your services. You can monitor your usage in the Cloud Control Panel under the Billing tab.

We offer 3 ways to fund your account:

  • Auto-Pay: Leave a credit card on file to receive an invoice once a month or upon reaching our post-pay threshold (currently $40 - open a ticket to request a higher limit). Our system will automatically charge your card after issuing the invoice.

  • Auto-Invoice (Auto top-up): Configure auto invoicing from the Cloud Control Panel (My Profile > Configure Auto Invoicing) to receive an invoice for a fixed amount or for your estimated monthly usage ~72 hours prior to reaching $0. If you have a PayPal Billing Agreement with us, it will be used to automatically pay the invoice. Other payment methods can be used to pay these invoices manually.

  • Prepay: If you do not leave a credit card on file or enable auto invoicing, you will need to keep your account funded manually. Prepay customers receive a notice at 72, 24, and 1 hour(s) away from running out of cloud credit. You can add more at any time.

How Do You Calculate Usage?

We list both monthly and hourly pricing on our website. The monthly price is the maximum your service will cost (not including VAT) if used for a full calendar month. Monthly billable time is limited to ~28 days.

Instances and Volumes count toward usage as long as they exist. This includes stopped instances.

We also list pricing for image storage and bandwidth overages on our website. Images constitute snapshots, backups, ISO uploads, etc. You can view your usage in the Cloud Control Panel on the Billing tab.

Only outgoing public bandwidth counts toward your usage. Once you use all of your plan's allocation, additional bandwidth is charged at the price listed on our website. Private network traffic does not count toward your bandwidth usage.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin, WeChat, and Alipay.

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