Known Issues - Cloud

Updated Dec. 3, 2020

We are working on the following known issues with our cloud and cloud control panel:

  • Downloading images (snapshots / backups) is limited to 50GB. Contact us for an exception.
  • RamNull nullroute alerts - you will not receive an automated email if your IP is nullrouted due to DDoS currently.
  • The second stage of the snapshot process (conversion to the appropriate file type) takes longer than it should - instances remain online regardless, but working on a patch.
  • Various minor aesthetic issues (public/private IPs displayed out of order, etc.).
  • Most of our Cloud images won't properly partition the space on 8GB-12GB Massive KVM plans due to using MBR (2TB limit). Please use an ISO or Ubuntu cloud image when launching one of those instances. We will remove the unusable OS options soon.

Please contact us via support ticket if you would like to report an issue not mentioned above.

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