Does RamNode charge VAT?

What is VAT?

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a tax on consumption within the European Union (EU).

VAT is not included in prices displayed on RamNode's website due to varying rates between EU member states. VAT is itemized on RamNode invoices for EU clients.

Who is charged VAT?

Since we are a non-EU supplier of electronic services to customers in the EU, RamNode is required to charge VAT to customers located in the EU. That is, anyone with a street address on account here which is located in an EU member state will be charged VAT. VAT will be charged based on the EU Member State in which you reside per the new rules for 2015.

Business or Charity customers in the EU will not be charged VAT by RamNode provided that they submit a valid VAT registration number to us. Read more about submitting a VAT number here.

I have a VAT number. How do I submit it to RamNode?

Please see this article.

Is VAT included in RamNode's prices?

VAT is not included in the prices listed on our website. VAT is added at checkout, after the customer has had an opportunity to submit his or her VAT ID.

What is RamNode's VAT number?

RamNode's VAT ID is EU826409335. The "EU" prefix indicates that we are a non-EU supplier of electronic services. We are registered through the mini one stop shop (MOSS) scheme with HMRC in the UK. Our VAT number will be listed on each invoice.

You're a US company. Why are you charging VAT?

As mentioned above, non-EU suppliers of electronic services to EU customers are required to charge VAT to those customers. Although we are not under the direct jurisdiction of the EU, our presence in the Netherlands in part obligates us to comply.

Where is VAT listed on my invoice?

VAT will be itemized on invoices.

What are the current VAT rates?

Please see this article.
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