How to Create a Cloud VPS / Instance

Cloud instances (aka VPS) can be created from the Cloud Control Panel. You can access the control panel through the Client Area or directly at (check your cloud information email for login details).

There is a screen capture at the top of our home page showing how to launch an instance. Instructions are included below as well.

To Launch an Instance

  1. Access the Cloud Control Panel.

  2. Click the Instances tab on the left sidebar:

  3. Click the orange + button at the bottom right.

  4. Enter your instance name and select a region to view available plans.

  5. Select the category and size for your instance.

  6. Click "CHANGE" to select an installation source / operating system.

  7. Network Selection will be displayed if you created a private network. If not, the option will be hidden and a public IP will be assigned by default. Select SSH key(s) and/or enter a root password as desired.

    (Advanced users may also want to utilize Cloud-init user data)

  8. Click CREATE INSTANCE to launch a new VPS!
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