We are excited to announce our new plans and prices!


RamNode now offers a Virtual Dedicated Server option! You can now get dedicated CPU cores on one of our super fast SSD KVM servers! See plans and prices here. Stock is limited!


Our Standard KVM SSD (SKVMS) VPSs are now HALF price! Get a 1GB RAM / 20GB SSD VPS for just $5/mo! This new pricing applies for existing customers as well - just open a ticket to request it!


Our Standard OpenVZ SSD (SVZS) VPSs now come with DOUBLE the RAM! Get a 2GB RAM / 60GB SSD VPS for just $7/mo! Existing SVZS plans have already been upgraded, no need to do anything!

DDoS-Filtered IPs

All our DDoS-filtered IPs are now $3/mo (not just Seattle)! Existing customers already have the new pricing (just make sure you update your PayPal subscriptions).

Other News

We have decided to retire the SSD-cached KVM (CKVM) plans and disable SSD-caching on OpenVZ plans (CVZ). CKVM customers are welcome to keep their existing VPSs. The SSDs fail too frequently for us to properly maintain a write cache on these massive nodes, and we have determined that the average performance difference is not significant without the caching.

Lastly, we are still hard at work on our new OpenStack system! We expect to have beta available soon! Stay tuned for more information.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

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