• Thursday, March 11, 2021

Hey Everyone,


My name is Sunil, and I’m the co-founder of InMotion Hosting. As some of you may be aware, InMotion Hosting acquired the assets of RamNode in early February. As a RamNode customer, it is important for you to know that it is our intention to maintain as much continuity as possible, and we’d like you to understand how this affects you. 


What does this acquisition mean for you as a customer? 

  • Your current products, access to your services, your billing processes, and your customer experience will remain the same as it has always been. Continue to contact RamNode the same way you always have. 
  • We are bringing over all RamNode staff and continuing to operate data centers in all of the current RamNode locations. 
  • We acquired RamNode because of its unique position in the marketplace as a high-performance and affordable VPS provider. We plan to keep to that core value proposition and continue to run RamNode as an independent brand.
  • Something we strongly believe on the InMotion Hosting side is that employees are what make the company, so one of our primary focus items in the past few weeks was to help transition them over as seamlessly as possible. We wanted to wait until this transition was over to make any announcements to customers.


In terms of the management team, 

  • Nick, who founded this awesome company, has decided to pursue ventures in other offline opportunities that give him a better work-life balance. We wish him nothing but the best.
  • Brandon Whaley, who is actually a former InMotion employee, stays on, and his technical background and experience will be valuable as we grow the RamNode business.
  • Vanessa Vasile, a veteran in the hosting industry and a 14-year IMH employee, is moving over full-time to RamNode to carry on Nick’s previous responsibilities. Vanessa has broad experience in web hosting operations and the various technologies supporting them.
  • Trey Faison, Director of Development & Systems at IMH, has extensive experience in VPS product lines, and will oversee the overall operations and growth strategy for RamNode.
  • Additionally, RamNode will have the full support and resources of the larger IMH team at its disposal as needed.


What changes can you expect in the immediate future?

  • InMotion Hosting will continue to run the RamNode brand as-is. No re-branding, consolidation, or changes to the core product line are planned.
  • We have a number of cool updates planned on the infrastructure side that will benefit all RamNode products.
  • We’ll give the website a facelift, but we’ll keep the trademark orange color for sure!


So, in short, for you, not too much is changing. And we’ll continue to share any future updates with you as we come upon them.


I also wanted to share that 20 years ago, InMotion Hosting was very similar to RamNode. I co-founded IMH with Todd Robinson and we operated as a startup, allowing us to learn a lot about this space.  We understand this industry, we are passionate about technology, and more importantly we actually care about building businesses that matter. We at InMotion Hosting are excited about this opportunity to grow RamNode to its full potential.


A transition like this may be uncomfortable, but I hope this message provides some clarity on our plans for the future of RamNode and our commitment to RamNode’s customers. We published an official press release earlier this week which you can find here


Thank You, 


Sunil Saxena

Co-Founder, InMotion Hosting