• Wednesday, August 15, 2018
The following notice is being emailed to all customers:
As you may be aware, Intel recently published a new vulnerability impacting all Xeon server CPUs (L1TF). While we believe it poses a very low risk to you, we will be applying some mitigations over the next few weeks. This process may involve several steps, the first of which unfortunately requires host node reboots across our fleet.

We will begin rebooting at 7 PM eastern (GMT -4) on Thursday August 23 and continue the process for a few hours each day after 7 PM until done. We hope to keep downtime under 15 minutes per node. Unfortunately, due to the amount of manual interaction required for each node in this situation, we will not be able to provide a schedule for when any particular server will be rebooted. Any unforeseen issues will be posted on Twitter @NodeStatus.

KVM and VDS customers may receive further notices as we potentially implement additional mitigation steps specific to our full virtualization servers.

As always, we appreciate your continued business and support.
[Update: We will be emailing you on the day that your specific host node will be rebooted.]