Intel CPU Vulnerabilities - Updated 1/6

  • Wednesday, 3rd January, 2018
  • 19:57pm
We are aware of the recent Intel CPU vulnerabilities and are closely following the situation to prepare a response as soon as possible. Host node reboots will likely be involved. We will try to give everyone notice, but this is an evolving situation.
Update 2:

OpenVZ has released an updated kernel. We are applying it now and sending an email regarding reboots for later today.

An email is going out to all KVM customers. We will be rebooting KVM hosts beginning at 4 PM eastern (GMT -5) today. You will also need to update and reboot your VPSs to apply relevant security patches within your OS.

Shared hosting customers will also experience a reboot during this window.

OpenVZ customers will receive an email regarding reboots once a patch is available.

Please follow @NodeStatus on Twitter for additional updates.

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