/64 IPv6 Subnets Now Available!

  • Tuesday, 19th August, 2014
  • 16:55pm
We now offer /64 IPv6 subnets on all new VPSs. Existing VPSs are also eligible to receive a /64 when requested via support ticket. Please see below for more information:

ATL, SEA, NYC VPS Clients:
You have the ability to use your existing 16 IPv6 addresses alongside a new /64. These subnets use the same gateways per location so that you do not have to switch.

NL VPS Clients:
If you request a /64, it will need to replace your existing 16 IPv6 addresses. You will not be able to use both sets of IPv6 due to gateway differences. You can request a /64 and switch at your convenience through the functionality provided in the SolusVM CP.

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