As many of you are aware, we were attacked with a zero day SolusVM exploit early this morning. Several of our VPS nodes were partially or fully wiped within two hours of SolusVM publishing the exploit. We are currently working to restore full functionality to our SolusVM CP, our Client Area, and all impacted nodes. If we have a backup of your VPS, we will be restoring it as soon as possible. For those without backups, we will create a new one for you.

As part of the exploit, our SolusVM database was briefly leaked. If your VPS is online, you should change your root password over SSH. Any passwords that were created or changed in SolusVM itself may be compromised. No Client Area data was compromised as part of this attack.

Please monitor our Twitter accounts (@RamNode and @NodeStatus) for updates. You can also stay up to date in our IRC channel (#ramnode on

Thanks for your continued support and prayers as we deal with this extremely difficult trial.



Sunday, June 16, 2013

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